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health certificate for pets relocation abu dhabi



It’s recommended that you contact New Veterinary Clinic Abu Dhabi as soon as you know you’ll be traveling internationally with your pet. You will need a health certificate for pets relocation.  We understand that your pet is family and that when you travel, you want them right by your side. As an accredited veterinarian practice, we can issue a health certificate for pets (Certificate of Veterinary Inspection) for your healthy cat, dog, or other animals so that they may travel internationally with you.

Why does my pet need a certificate to travel?


Only pets in good health are permitted to travel by plane. The country you are traveling to may have specific health requirements that must be met before your pet can enter. Certain health requirements may include: up to date vaccinations, a passing health exam, etc. Health certificate for pets ensure that your pet is healthy to travel and isn’t susceptible to transferring diseases to other pets or people.


When should I start the process?


Certificate timing varies greatly by country.


How can I obtain an international health certificate for pets?


Before you start the process, you need to determine the destination country and dates of travel.

We will work with you to determine the health certificate requirements based on your travel destination. 

We will perform a health exam to determine if your pet has any sign of disease or health risks that could pass along to others while traveling. We will also ensure that your pet has all the required vaccinations to travel. Once all requirements are met, we will issue a certificate indicating that your pet has been cleared to travel.

For further information, please call us on: 02 6725 955 or 050 6411 007

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